Sage 50 (formely known as Sage Line 50) offers much more than just the accounts. It’s a fully integrated time-saving accounting software package and business management solutions, including payroll and forecasting that allows users to control and manage all the financial aspects of a business – quickly, easily and cost-efficiently. Sage 50 is an extremely powerful business management system that has been refined over 25+ years which is why Sage 50 is the UK’s most successful accounts software package.

Sage 50 Accounts range
There are three versions of Sage 50 Accounts to choose from depending on different business needs – view Sage 50 Accounts range Comparison.

Sage 50 Accounts Comparison

Sage 50 Accounts
Sage 50 Accounts (up to two users) has all the standard features needed to manage customers and suppliers. Keeping up to speed with accounts is easy with Sage 50 Accounts. Designed with the single user in mind Sage 50 Accounts has a host of inbuilt measures designed to reduce human error and allow businesses to gain an instant view of their accounts on a minute by minute basis. Completing previously time consuming tasks within Sage 50 Accounts is a simple process. Sage 50 Accounts is the ideal solution for a small business employing a single accounts professional.  Find out more about Sage 50 Accounts.

Sage 50 Accounts Plus
Sage 50 Accounts Plus (up to two users) has all the features of Sage 50 Accounts, together with the tools required to keep track of materials and manage stock. Sage 50 Accounts Plus provides the power to do more than the basic package. Sage 50 Accounts Plus allows users to adequately control stock, calculate reorders and keep a tight rein on resources. Sage 50 Accounts Plus is ideal solution for businesses with stock control requirements that need more than one person working with the accounts software at any one time.  Find out more about Sage 50 Accounts Plus.

Sage 50 Accounts Professional
Sage 50 Accounts Professional (up to ten users) offers all the features of Sage 50 Accounts Plus with added functionality for sales and purchase order processing, stock control, project management and foreign trading. Sage 50 Accounts Professional allows up to 10 users to work simultaneously and provides the ultimate in small business financial management.  Find out more about Sage 50 Accounts Professional.

Integration through the Sage 50 Suite
Sage 50 Accounts is the cornerstone of the Sage 50 Suite, seamlessly integrating all business functions: CRM, Payroll, HR, Job costing and forecasting together with Intelligent Reporting tools and vertical market solutions: Manufacturing, Retail and Construction. The result is that all data is easily accessible to all designated users, even those without prior Sage software experience.

Logical Micro Software Sage 50 Professional Services
To allow users to get the most from their Sage 50 investment, Logical Micro Software Solutions offer a full range of Professional services including consultancy, training and support giving users total peace of mind and fast return on investment.