VoIP offers a complete replacement to the traditional office phone system and analogue or ISDN lines. An VoIP system uses your existing network and the Internet to provide company-wide telephony, using VoIP technology instead of regular phone lines or a traditional PBX. This can save on line rental, provides  flexibility, reduces call costs, maintenance and increases efficiency.

IP Phones can be placed anywhere in your office, or remotely around the world to provide one seamless phone network for your business. Wherever you have an Internet connection, you can have an extension on your IP PBX. All pure IP calls are free of charge; for calls to the conventional phone network (PSTN) you route via an ITSP ‘Trunk’ for low cost calls.

In a pure IP environment, the an VoIP system is installed onto your LAN together with IP telephones. All devices are connected over your LAN using your existing Ethernet network connections. The VoIP can support a large number of IP extensions – these can be IP Phones, SoftPhones or even standard analogue phones (using a converter), users can be local or ‘remote’. As it uses your regular network, you don’t need special extension wiring – just your existing Ethernet switch with adequate ports (assuming you are using IP phones). A traditional PBX with 50 extensions would take up a whole cabinet and need a lot of wiring!


Once installed, all extensions can call each other of course and calls can be transferred, diverted and all other normal features of a PBX. Extensions do not have to be local (in the same office as the IP PBX) – they can be anywhere in the world, and still be seamless so that calls can be made between to transferred to extensions whether they are local or remote. Similarly, incoming calls can be routed to any extensions, whether they are local or distributed in many remote locations – anywhere with an Internet connection.

IP PBX offers features you would expect from a phone system 
Features such as HuntGroups, Transfer, Hold, Park, call Diversion are standard features. Depending on your exact requirements these systems can be configured of Voicemail and Auto Attendant. Voicemail can be enabled on any extensions to take messages when the phone is not answered or busy. The message can be emailed to the extension owner, or they can pick it up from their phone.
Other features include an IVR (Automated Voice Response) attendant so that your incoming calls can be answered by a recorded voice and the caller can choose their department or person by entering the menu items you have set up (e.g. press ‘2’ for sales). IRV can also use it to provide automated information such as opening hours or directions to your business.
Since VoIP uses Internet Technology your Phone system is an ideal candidate for Cloud or Hosted installation. Instalation is simple, connect a Pre-Programmed IP Phone into your network and let us do the rest. This means no expensive Phone system equipment to maintain and all the setup / configuration as well as monitoring and support is done for your remotly.
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