FREE Healthcheck

Free IT Audit Healthcheck – Worth £700 !

Logical Micro offer a completely free, no-obligation healthcheck in order to understand the detail of your computer systems. This is an opportunity to identify any major problems or minor niggles before they escalate into complete showstoppers. Our findings will be presented in a confidential report, all information recorded is securely held and will be destroyed after use.

This completely free, no-obligation healthcheck is worth £700, but could save you so much more.

The Health Check is conducted on-site by an experienced IT consultant.

All IT Healthchecks are performed on-site by an experienced and trained IT consultant, who can examine your servers, desktop PCs, cabling and networking infrastructure.

We will identify any security, virus or backup issues, to give you peace of mind and complete confidence in your business systems.

We’ve been doing FREE Audits for 32 years!

Whilst we are not implying that we introduced the practice but its standard procedure for our consultants to look at, analyse and comment on existing systems,  in place,  if any.

Today, since almost everyone uses IT systems of varying sophistication the process can take a bit longer. It takes as long as it takes to get a full overview of your IT and its still FREE and there is no obligation. Naturally, you can control the level of details.


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