Remote Monitoring

Even the best IT Systems can fail for various reason such as Hardware, Software, Power and host of other reasons. Our Remote Monitoring service ensures regular checks are carried out and problems identified and arrange a fix.

Should a IT problem occur, our engineers be will able to determine the nature of the problem, fix it and get you back up and running quickly, minimising downtime.

There are two packages:–

Standard Service, providing you with regular system health checks & monitoring and Advanced, with checks tailored to your business to ensure mission critical tasks run smoothly.

Standard checks include:

  • CPU, Memory and Disk performance
  • Storage space
  • Hardware health
  • Error Logs
  • Windows Service status
  • Failed logons
  • Data Backup status

Advanced service, this can be tailored to the precise needs of your businesses. With the use of advanced scripts we can monitor a wide variety of network devices, such as Servers, Applications, uninterruptable power supplies, network switches, and printers.

We can also provide invaluable information on hardware and software assets and deliver you regular, daily/weekly and monthly reports enabling you to make informed IT decisions.

Don’t wait till it happens!

If your systems are broken – we are happy to help but…

Prevention is often better than the cure. Over the years we have found that companies benefit most when IT systems are properly monitored and maintained. Whilst we are happy to provide break-fix type support, a system monitored and maintained can save your business Time & Money.

Call and talk to our IT Support specialist to see how Logical Micro can help you business.


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