Remote Support

Logical Micro can provide Remote Support for your systems using a secure connection. Our engineers are able to carry out over 95% of troubleshooting and administrative tasks remotely.

Prevention is always better than cure, we will advise you on the necessary steps to ensure your systems are Secure and Reliable. However, when problems do occur, swift action is taken to minimise downtime and disturbance to your business.

Issues can also happen out of hours, or during very busy periods and impact upon your business causing disruption. These problems could be repeat problems which, over time, add up to a serious impact upon your business, especially on equipment which in many cases is a major investment.

Having a full time Computer Engineer on your staff may not be cost effective for most small business but wouldn’t it be great to have an onsite presence when you need it?

Logical Micro can help

We offer remote management of total infrastructure, from managing a single critical server through to an entire Enterprise.

Logical Micro can provide your business with the following: –

  • Performance monitoring of Systems / Applications including Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange
  • Security Audits and Intrusion Detection
  • Patch Scanning for Microsoft and other Software vendor’s software
  • Alerting and Self Remediation of Servers, Desktops and Network Equipment
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Reports on outstanding issues, fixed issues and recommendations for improving the Performance/Security of your Systems

Logical Micro’s Technical Support Desk, also provides remote management of servers using secure connections. This enables our specialist staff to gain access to your systems, with your permission, when traditional methods may fail.

 Logical Micro can help

With remote management, Logical Micro can proactively manage the Equipment and Software within your company and ensure they are working efficiently. This alleviates your staff from day-to-day issues allowing them to get on with their normal jobs. Our consultants will provide you with information regarding your Systems to help you plan for future.

Having this virtual onsite presence is also less expensive than a full time member of staff (plus training necessary to keep them up-to-date), something many business are attracted to. Our support cost can be fixed so you know what you will be spending each month and this can be incorporated into your yearly budgets.